Who We Are

Alternative Dispute Resolution Providers

The Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) has been providing mediation services to Los Angeles County for over 35 years. Our current operational structure encapsulates efficiency, productivity, and compassion. This organizational ethos is our standard philosophy for providing services to the residents of Los Angeles County. 

These Services Are Made Possible in Part Through Support from the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs and the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act.”


The Center for Conflict Resolution is a premier provider of Alternative Dispute Resolution solutions, systems, and resources.

CCR has been efficient and successful due to our adaptability in assessing what the court, community, county, and greater alternative dispute resolution field needs. We are quick to meet any challenge with a creative solution.

We believe in principles such as honesty, respect, humility, and responsibility to our community. These principles are essential in finding positive resolutions and learning constructive conflict resolution skills. Our goal is to empower communities, organizations and individuals to handle disputes constructively by developing and designing appropriate and creative solutions that address all interests, needs, and values.

We hope to continue to nurture the current relationships we have with our local partners and university clinics and expand our knowledge base as well as skillset. Our collaborations with the Los Angeles Superior Court as well as the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs are tantamount to our continued outreach and service to the community.

The Center for Conflict Resolution is a DRPA funded, nonprofit organization. We are always seeking donations from interested parties in order to continue growing our own skillset as well as the skillset of our community. Supporting CCR is a chance to support resolution in the community.