The Center for Conflict Resolution currently focuses on Court-Connected Mediation, either in person or through the LA Superior Court authorized Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) program. However, we do from time-to-time offer an array of services so please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Court Connected Mediation

CCR serves the Los Angeles Superior Court by providing mediators to assist claimants and defendants in resolving their disputes without having to appear before a judge. This service is offered at n...
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Online Dispute Resolution

The Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) is pleased to have partnered with the Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) and the Department of Business and Consumer Affairs (DCBA) in launching a free onlin...
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Community Mediation

Community disputes are those for which no court action has been initiated or for which resolution services are not required on the day of hearing. These may include, but are not limited to, dispute...
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Faith-Based Mediation

The Center for Conflict Resolution has a history working in the faith-based mediation community. Services are available for those that request or require faith-based mediation. At this time faith-b...
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The ADR field is ever evolving which means that CCR aims to stay as informed and able as we can be.  Be sure to check our training calendar often for updates on opportunities. 
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