Hilary Bendon, Treasurer

Hilary Bendon has a passion for empowering people to transform conflict into opportunity. She believes in focusing on the human side of things and knows there is never only one right answer. Using her decades of experience studying conflict and the underlying causes, she empowers companies, teams and individuals to forge a productive path forward.

“People are people, and let’s face it, we are a messy bunch. Our emotions can impact our ability to interact effectively with others.”

Hilary combines intuition, understanding, active listening and proven techniques to transform what was once a problem into an opportunity. She:

facilitates employee, leadership, and community conflict resolution events;

mediates disputes for employees and community members;

coaches for better interpersonal interactions; and 

consults with organizations to develop organizational cultures that address conflict directly.

Hilary has over 25years of experience working within and outside of organizations on leadership and organizational development as well as conflict resolution. She holds a Master of Dispute Resolution from the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University’s Caruso School of Law and a Master of Public Administration from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. She also received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and Special Education Teaching Credentials from Chapman University.

Hilary serves as the Treasurer/Board Member of the Center for Conflict Resolution which serves Los Angeles County. She speaks Spanish and Italian fluently, conducts coaching, training and mediation in Spanish and English, and is committed to multicultural understanding and communication.

“In every situation, I strive for the parties to reach agreement on their own. I serve as their unbiased guide helping them improve communication, build trust and transform their relationship.”